On purchasing my new home, I was approached by several water treatment companies.  Being very analytical, I listened closely and based upon product and price, I chose Aqua Terra and their excellent service representative, Lester Owens. Not only has the Aqua Terra system done everything as advertised; the price was the best and the service excellent.

I highly recommend Aqua Terra and Lester to anyone considering a new home water treatment system.

Martin D. Cohen
MDC Corporation
Seaside, California 93955
831-393-0588 / Fax 831-393-0578


We had an original model Kinetico water softener for over 25 years when we encountered a problem.  Rather than repairing the unit, we chose to have Aqua Terra replace the unit with a new model, a unit that uses considerably less water and salt.  After all, we live in a drought prone area.

The installation of the new unit was accomplished promptly and professionally. The folks at Aqua Terra explained all of the benefits of the new unit and walked us through its care and feeding.  Given the trouble-free nature of the original unit, we do not expect any issues for another quarter century at the earliest. We can only wish every appliance we’ve bought was as easy to use, reliable and trouble-free as our Kinetico water softener.  All we have to do is keep it filled with salt.  No timers, no dials, no knobs, no electricity; it just works…

Regards, Mikey
Carmel Valley, Ca


I had to drill a new well and after a few years of drought the well developed a very bad Sulfur problem. I talked to several well drilling companies and companies that built and installed filter systems. Almost all of them agreed that I would have to install a filter and tank system costing $10,000.00 or more.

I called “Les” at Aqua Terra Water Service. He made the 70 mile drive to my house, sampled the well water and showed me several filter systems which would eliminate the sulfur and bacteria from the water for less than $3000.00.


Ron L. , Lockwood, Calif.


I moved in to my new house a little over three years ago and a few months later I noticed that the polished nickel fixtures were starting to tarnish and to show some sediment build-up. I have my own well on-site and so it seemed obvious that I needed to have the water tested. I called Les, he showed up immediately, conducted various tests on-site and then sent some samples to the lab for further testing, the results of which were made available to me within a matter of a few days.

The water proved to be in excess of 50 grains hard, containing a small amount of iron. Les was very patient in explaining the options which were available to me, at the end of which, I felt as though I was in possession of all of the relevant facts upon which to make an informed decision. The equipment was installed promptly and professionally and it has worked perfectly since being placed into service. The water is now much softer and the earlier tarnishing has not progressed any further. In addition, I use the salt and delivery service which Les offers and I have never had to concern myself with whether or not my supplies will be there when I need them, they always are.

Les is “Mr. Service” and I would recommend him and his equipment to anyone.

Sincerely, Peter B.
Carmel Valley, Ca.