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Kinetico Water Softeners Help Conserve Water In Monterey and Hollister

We get asked questions all time about water softeners and their efficiencies.  As our world and climate continues to change the answer to this question and many others are becoming more important all the time.  We are also asked if there is any such thing as a green water softener or a saltless water softener.  Water softener efficiency is important especially in this climate because water is getting harder and harder to come by. Kinetico water softeners are specifically designed to help conserve water.  They are able to this because of their ability to regenerate using 100% sofwater as opposed to their convention counter parts which regenerate using hard water .  This attribute allows the Kinetico water softener to reduce the amount of water used to regenerate the system by 80% or more over most outer water softeners.  This will save an individual home owner thousands of gallons of wasted water over the course of a year and business can save humdreds of thousands of gallons wasted water  over a one year period of time.

In areas where salinity is a problem if everyone would switch too or purchase an high efficiency water softener instead of the inefficient convention water softener  they could save hundreds of pounds of salt per year used to regenerate their water softeners for residential customers and thousands of  pounds of salt for commercial customers.  Kientico’s higher efficiency water softeners are able to reduce salt usage for the average customer by almost 80% over the majority of  conventional water softeners.  With efficiency like this you see why Kinetico water softeners are helping  city’s like Monterey and Hollister conserve water and reduce salinity in the local water sources due to water softener use.  Kinetico water softeners are the greenest water softeners in the industry with several of their softeners being recognized by “Consumers Digest” as Best Buys.

In regards to the other questions regarding saltless water softeners or green water softeners. Water softeners are ion exchange filters that exchange hardness ions for sodium or potassium ions on an ion exchange media by definition.  So, to answer your question there is no such animal as a salt free water softener by defintion.  And, in regards to a green water softener again no such animal exist.  Water softeners use either potassium or sodium to function so they therefore cannot be green.  However, they can be greener and Kinetico water softeners are the greenest water softeners in the industry.   For addtional information on Kinetcio Water Filtration products please call customer service at (831) 442-1063.


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Kinetico is the Best Water Softener

This is an aged old question “what’s the best water softener” ?  It seems like a really easy question in the beginning.  I had many people call and say that it’s frustration trying to decide on the perfect water softener for their needs.  They also ask why isn’t there a site I can go to that would help me?

Heaven help you if try and get a straight answer from a sales person.  If fact sales people are trained by some companies to just the opposite of helping you by instead  confusing you.  Sounds crazy however none-the-less true.  Let me explain; many of todays water softeners are made by one manufacturer.  That manufacture then sells to dozens of well known companies that have been in the community  for years, 50, 60, 70 years.  These companies then private label the same product under several different names and then compete for your business.  Many of you have purchased these products over the years always hoping for better results but ending with the same.  A unit that works seemingly well for a year or so and then seems to just through the mechanical stages while your fixtures begin to corrode or worst.  You purchase a system that is constantly being repaired.   And, in today’s climate it seems that having a more efficient softener is something that most people desire a water softener that doesn’t waste a ton of water and has a low salt dosage.  A green water softener, sorry no such thing.

Kinetico is the best water softener and here’s why.  First it uses a revolutionary non-electric valve to operate the water softener.  This eliminate many of the problems associated with conventional water softener.  Theirs no computers to se, program or repair.  Just soft water to enjoy in your home.  Their twin media tanks make it really easy to that.  Because there are two media tanks with the Kinetico water softener you’ll be able to enjoy soft water 24/7 without interruption.  Kinetico water softeners are the highest efficiency and longest last water softeners in the industry with thousands of water softeners still being used after 25 years of service.  And without question they are the most reliable water softeners available today.  For more information please contact our customer service representatives it will be our pleasure to assist you.  If you would like to know what our customers think visit us on Yelp:  http://www.yelp.com/search?find_desc=aqua+terra+wate+service&find_loc=93901&ns=1&ls=29dd4d7593136fa2

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