No Salt Solutions

Salt Free Conditioner – Prevents water hardness (calcium & magnesium) from building within pipes. Hardness and soap scum is prevented from adhering to fixtures, appliances and plumbing.  Our scale free conditioner is chemical free, a totally green product that eliminates regenerants (sodium & potassium) used by conventional water softeners.  Unlike with traditional softening systems there’s no re-plumbing outside water lines for irrigation.  No drains to run for softener discharge.  Unlike water softeners there’s no more feeling like I can’t get the soap off when bath or shower.  No more salt deliveries.  You’ll enjoy softer skin, cleaner laundry, and dishes with reduced amounts of detergent up to 35%.

TX Whole House Membrane System – Can eliminate problems arising from contaminants like iron, hardness and odor-causing impurities leaving you usable clean and clear water.

Ultraviolet Technology

KUV (Kinetico Ultra-Violet) – An excellent non-chemical way to eliminate your homes water supply of viruses, bacteria and cysts.  Water passes through the KUV system where it’s exposure to intense ultraviolet light kills microorganisms and makes the microbiologically safe to drink.

Ultraviolet Disinfection Technology can used to combat a variety of bacterial problems.  Ultraviolet disinfection systems are often used as an integral part of a water treatment system in conjunction with other water treatment devices for the treatment of bacteria or as means to protect the water source from a bacteria or virus threat.  UV systems are used in operations ranging from POU in residential applications to large-scale industrial operations.  Aqua Terra Water Service uses a wide variety of manufactures for UV disinfection technologies.